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    Anxiety, The Toxic Friend

    Imagine having a friend that constantly reminds you of the worst case scenarios, undermines your confidence, and makes a huge deal out of the smallest situations. A friend that makes you feel constantly on edge whenever they’re around; someone that makes every situation seem worse than it is; someone who makes you feel nauseous, sweaty, and lightheaded (and not in a good way). Naturally, you would hate being around them. And in most cases, you would get rid of this person by cutting the lines of communication. But what if this person lived in your head?    To millions of Nigerians, Anxiety is that friend. And in this article, I’ll…

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    After Dark: Part Two

    Nancy loved to spend time in Daniel's company, he was funny, sweet and thoughtful. She noticed that all the problems weighing her down seemed to fall away when she was in his company, and she wanted more of that, in the evening. She found herself abandoning her search for an outfit and deciding to write at the balcony of her room. She wrote and lost track of time, absorbing herself in the lives of her characters and building a world far better than the one in which she lived.

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    After Dark: Part One

    When Nancy least expected love, she found it. It turned out, Daniel was even more pleasant in daylight. After their dinner, they'd watched movies together, and talked for hours until they both fell into a comfortable, restful sleep. When she awoke, she could hear him humming a tube that sounded vaguely familiar, whilst moving around in the kitchen. Following the sound of his voice, she found him shirtless in the kitchen, making breakfast.