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    ‘Mega’ Help-pinion Sites and Youtube Channels with Amazing Content

    The internet is full of stuff that getting bored of surfing can be almost impossible as long as you know your way around. There are lots of useful and beneficial sites and blogs that one might be confused where to get interesting contents. In this post, I list eight exhilarating sites that publish diverse and […] ‘Mega’ Help-pinion Sites and Youtube Channels with Amazing Content

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    The things that will

    You are the artist, but allow me paint you this one picture. You told me peace is something you have been searching for all your life. I am here to help you find it, but first, I must show you what it looks like. [1] I know you like the seaSo, we’ll buy a house right by itAnd every morningYou’ll wake to the sound of the wavesCrashing softly against the shore rocksAnd the sun reflecting on my wedding ringEvery morningReminding you that you are mineAnd I am yours [2] I know you love your musicSo, our house by the sea will never be devoid of songCalm melodiesOr bubbly onesWe’ll sway…