Morning Melody

I heard the first line of my favourite song,
And I thought about you,
It was something about righting the wrong,
Sounded like something you’d do,

There are some certain kinds of people,
The ones songs are written about, songs soaked in emotion,
What is it about you that reminds me of the harrowing voice of shared truth?
Why do you live in my subconscious, was it a pill or a potion?

There was a hole in my heart,
It kept widening until it threatened to tear me apart,
’til you returned and filled it,
I’ve never felt more complete,

More loved, more heard, more seen,
If there’s a place more right for me, I haven’t been,
Nor do I,
You’ve brought me the most peace and you don’t even try,

Perhaps that is why,
I searched for your love in all the wrong places,
Trying to fold into cramped spaces,
My heart was just too big to comply,

Had I decided not to love until I found you, I may not have appreciated your worth,
So kindly do not begrudge my past,
In all honesty, you’re different,
While those loves breezed by, ours will last,

I hear love songs and I think to write, about you,
In my safest place, at the calmest hour, you come to mind,
The words flow naturally and with ease,
You’re of the same kind,

Perhaps you were created with stardust and wishes,
Woven into your existence and fingertips,
Perhaps some music and sunshine and laughter,
And some magic breathed life into your lips,

You embody all the dreams that make me want to lay bare,
And unwind into your care,
And I don’t want anyone else to breathe your air, or share your bed,
Perhaps it is only right that we wed,

Forever looks prettier with you, I want to be there,
So give me a ‘when’ and ‘where’,
I’ll meet you in the middle with twice the excitement,
Let’s make our home permanent, not rent.

Written at 06:08am.

Imagine how much more beautiful my morning poetry would be, when each day I wake up to the face of my muse.


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