The peculiar ways of love

Just as sure as the moon takes over the sky,
In holy matrimony they would have been wed, and then,
Light faded into a cold night, without him,
Things just did not make any sense, and thus,
Every dream her fragile heart had ever loved and hoped for,
Dissolved into the nothingness that was the dark.

You see, my dear, love comes in different forms,
And in many ways, love sneaks in like worms,
On a sunny day, or a Winter’s night,
Love could sneak in and flood your heart with light,
It could be unexpected, a stroke of fate,
On a Sunday morning, when your bus was late,
Or could be a listening ear, that turned to something more,
That showed potential to fix all that the past had turned sore,
And so you wait, with bated breath,
Anxiously eager, your appetite whet,
As things fell apart, you held on to some sanity,
And read meaning into simple acts of amity,
You see, my dear, love comes when you least expect,
It could be right under your nose, and you wouldn’t detect,
Small interactions, could blossom into fire,
A fire that would never cease to burn, never weaken, never tire,
And with time you’ll realise it, that love lives around you,
Up in the air, in the breeze, in the skies, and in the ground too,
You’ll realise the love you once thought would never return,
Came back with zest, and then you’ll learn,
That grey could form something beautiful, something vibrant,
And curse the depression that rules as tyrant,
And for a magical moment, love would reign supreme,
Your eyes would shine, your skin would gleam,
Until love leaves just as silently as it came,
Unto another jewel, playing its sick game,
And then you come to see, the love you found was never yours,
And you watch it take its rounds and go on tours,
With the girl by your left, or your next door neighbour,
Shattering and grinding your heart with utmost fervour,
You see, my dear, love never leaves a warning,
And best believe, you’ll never see it coming,
Sometimes it stays and it brightens everywhere,
And sometimes it leaves before you ever realise it was even there,
And yet there are times when love stays and mends your heart,
And when you need an anchor, love stays and plays its part,
But just like seasons love will grow and love will change,
Sometimes the love you want will remain just beyond your range,
But know that just like the sun dried up floods and then once again it rains,
Love will break you, bleed you, and then love will come back again.



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