• Short story

    From the future

    Stacey loved to say that she used and discarded boys as she pleased, but at the end of every affair, she was the one left feeling empty and spent. She loathed her lifestyle, but it was impossible to stop when all that kept her sane was the few minutes spent within the four walls of the bedroom, be it a strange or familiar one. For few minutes, she could quiet her raging thoughts and focus on the rhythm of her partner's pants, the sounds his body made as it slapped against hers, the fan turning slowly above their heads, or the TV playing in the background, drowning whatever noises they…

  • Short story

    Two blue ticks

    Huddled up in your bed, hugging your pillow, tears silently fall from your eyes as your back is turned on your phone. Yet again you've been left on read, and then you wonder why it hurts even though you've been through this a thousand times; it seems the pain intensifies each time, leaving you even more vulnerable and broken than before.

  • Series

    After Dark: Part One

    When Nancy least expected love, she found it. It turned out, Daniel was even more pleasant in daylight. After their dinner, they'd watched movies together, and talked for hours until they both fell into a comfortable, restful sleep. When she awoke, she could hear him humming a tube that sounded vaguely familiar, whilst moving around in the kitchen. Following the sound of his voice, she found him shirtless in the kitchen, making breakfast.